Learn SQL for a career in data

Who do I help?

Aspiring data analysts

Wanabee business intelligence (BI) analysts & developers

People who want to begin or upgrade their careers in data

How do I help?

In short, I teach SQL

I do this through video tutorials

and weekly group coaching sessions

I support and mentor you through your journey

Why do you need me?

Because you need SQL to develop your data career

You can't excel in data with only Excel or Power BI

SQL is an essential skill - just look at the job ads!

Here's Nick Holt giving a bit of an explanation of what we do, and how we do it.

Who am I? - a little bit about me...

I'm Nick Holt - founder of The BI School

I've been working with SQL for twenty years

And teaching SQL for fifteen years

I've been running The BI School since early 2022 and I've taught dozens of people SQL

Some of their reviews and testimonials are below

Here are FIVE reasons you should sign up to the SQL Superhero program

  1. You'll receive expert coaching from someone who's worked in SQL for over 20 years - and teaching it for fifteen

  2. You don't require any prior knowledge of SQL to join the program - I'll guide you in baby steps all the way

  3. You will end up with an advanced knowledge of SQL - what a difference that will make!

  4. Your career options will vastly improve with your new-found skills - add "advanced SQL" to your CV and everything changes!

  5. It's totally affordable - at £49 per month for expert tuition plus support and mentorship, it's a fantastic opportunity

SQL Superhero Program details

Subscribe and start learning SQL instantly

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£49 per month until you cancel.

No contract or minimum term.

Cancel anytime.

Before subscribing, please make sure you will be able to attend the weekly group sessions.

These are currently held on a Wednesday evening between 8 and 9pm UK time.

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If you're not sure if this is the right choice for you, please book a call and we can discuss it

I look forward to hearing from you

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Email me at [email protected]

We also offer SQL training for businesses, for BI teams, data teams, reporting or analytics teams who need to skill up their junior members in SQL

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