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What do we do?

We teach SQL through our coaching and mentorship program

It's all about SQL coding and database development

We support you in using those skills to get a new job in SQL

It's a comprehensive program for people to learn SQL to a high standard, and then begin a new career using your skills

We call it the "SQL Superhero Program"


I'm Nick,

and it's my mission to make a SQL Superhero out of YOU

Book a call NOW to speak to Nick about how we're going to help you learn SQL.

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Here's what's going to happen when you join the SQL Superhero Program...

YOU WILL BECOME highly competent in writing SQL queries for data extraction. You'll know all the main SQL commands and understand how and when to use them.

YOU WILL GAIN solid skills in database design and development. You'll understand how to plan out a new database, build the tables and relationships, apply constraints and add additional objects like user-defined functions and stored procedures.

YOU WILL LEARN how to use professional social media such as LinkedIn to connect with recruiters and employers, to showcase your skills and find new opportunities. We'll help you build an engaging, appealing LinkedIn profile so in the end the recruiters will be contacting YOU, not the other way around.

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO handle those job interview technical SQL assessments because we're going to 'coach you ready' for anything a prospective employer might throw at you.

All this training, coaching and mentoring is delivered by me, Nick Holt. I'm a SQL expert with twenty years experience of working with SQL. More about me here.

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Click here to book a call with one of our coaches. We will discuss your SQL needs and see how we can help

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There's no pushy sales talk, just an honest intention to answer one question...

"How can we help you"

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