Launch Your Career in Data Today

by becoming a SQL Superhero

Step one: Learn SQL

  • Pre-recorded guided video tuition, combined with one-to-one or group coaching sessions

    • Presented by Nick Holt

  • Covers the very basics of SQL to get you started (also show you how to set up the software and install test databases)

  • You'll learn how to extract data from a SQL database and loads more to set you on your way

  • Then we'll dive into intermediate SQL. Here we add complexity, but easing you into it gradually

  • Its all about building on the previous topics, to make it a simple but enjoyable process

  • Here we're getting into CTEs and temp tables among other essential topics

  • Then we move into advanced SQL where you'll be working with functions, stored procedures, triggers and more

  • It's one topic per lesson so it's not too overwhelming

  • Each lesson features:

    • An explanation with examples

    • A challenge, where you pause the video and have a go

    • My solution

    • At every step, you're guided, challenged and encouraged

  • I offer weekly group coaching sessions, where you can bring to me...

    • Anything you don't understand

    • Anything you need me to explain again

    • Anything at all that's giving you a problem

    • You can meet and engage with other members of the warm and friendly SQL Superhero community

  • I also offer one-to-one sessions in the early stages (and more if needed)

    • To make sure everything's going ok

    • And that you're enjoying it

    • And that you're learning at a suitable and comfortable pace

    • That you're closing in on your goals

  • You'll be fully supported by your SQL coach (me)

  • No-one get's left behind

  • There's no time limit, so you'll have access to the materials and support for as long as you need it.

  • Everyone learns the skills they need to progress their careers

  • We do all this in a welcoming, supportive, friendly environment

  • We have a WhatsApp group and a Facebook group to keep everyone informed and included

  • It's SQL with a smile!

The content I cover in this program is pretty much everything I've learnt in twenty years of working with SQL for data extraction and manipulation.

This will give you everything you need in terms of SQL for a career in data analytics, business intelligence analysis, financial analysis, reporting and plenty of other data-related careers

Step two: Using LinkedIn for an effective job search

When you've nailed SQL, it can be daunting looking for a new job.

In the second main module, we focus on LinkedIn and how you can turn this incredible platform to your benefit.

We look at...

  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile

  • Managing your network

  • Content and engagement

  • Messaging

  • It's all geared to setting you up for success

Note: I am not a careers coach and this section is based entirely on my own experience as a job-seeker. I can IN NO WAY offer any sort of guarantee that you will generate interviews from this process

Step three: Smash That Interview

Standing between you and that job, is the dreaded SQL interview and assessment.

Well when you're prepared for it, then there's nothing to dread. Here's how we do that...

  • Introduction to the various 'standard' interview formats

  • Thorough guidance as to what to expect

  • Lots of examples

  • Then....practice

  • That's it, except more practice

  • I'll "coach you ready" for those job interviews

Additional Module available

I also offer a module called "DB Master", especially designed for those who wish to follow a career in database development.

Pick up the skills you need to be able to design and develop complete data systems and learn all the tools of the trade.

  • Database design theory

    • Planning out a database on paper

    • Defining tables and objects

    • Normalisation

    • Database vs Data Warehouse

  • Building a database using SQL code

    • Defining table names, fields and data types

    • Adding constraints, keys and indexes

  • Designing and building triggers, functions and stored procedures

  • Database development project / challenge

    • Here you select one of a few options to design and build a database system in SQL

    • You'll plan the database

    • Design it

    • Build it

    • Document it

    • Test it

Learn the key skills for a career in data in a supported environment

Start with the easy topics, and build up to the more complicated coding gradually

Nick, your coach and mentor is always on hand to make sure your experience is positive and effective


SQL Superhero Program

Learn enough SQL to get you ready for a career in data.

The SQL language from bottom to top (coding commands, techniques & best practices)

Reach Out with LinkedIn

Smash That Interview

Teaching via video lessons

Weekly group coaching sessions

Three one-to-one support sessions (more if needed)


SQL Superhero Program + DB Master

The SQL language from bottom to top (coding commands, techniques & best practices)

Reach Out with LinkedIn

Smash That Interview

PLUS DB Master module

Teaching via video lessons

Weekly group coaching sessions

Three one-to-one support sessions (more if needed)


Your next step should be to book a call with Nick.

Its a no-pressure, no obligation chat to discuss your suitability for the program, and the program's suitability for you.

"Hi. I'm Nick Holt.

I'm a Microsoft Certified database specialist and

I've been working with SQL for twenty years"

"I want to teach you everything I know"

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