SQL. How to Accelerate Your Learning and Totally Smash it!

Date and time:

15th May 2024, 7pm UK Time


Wasted too many hours trying to learn SQL on your own?

Watched too many YouTube videos, but didn’t really learn anything?

Started too many Udemy courses, but finished none?

Completed certifications and then realised they have zero value?

Needed help? Didn’t get it.

Needed to ask a question? No-one was listening.

Just wanted someone to lean on. There was no-one standing beside you.

Ok, time to stop wasting your time and energy on pointless solutions.

Its’s time to get focused.

Time for an attitude adjustment.

And time to make a change to your approach.

Six months from now, you’ll be a different person.

Confident, capable, employable.

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