A little bit about The BI School

Nick Holt

You know the song "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"?


I'd like to teach the world to CODE in perfect SQL

Its my mission...

And my passion

I'm Nick Holt, your coach and mentor for all things SQL here at The BI School Ltd, where BI stands for Business Intelligence.

I launched The BI School in 2022 with the intention of sharing my skills and knowledge with people wanting to learn about SQL and Business Intelligence.

Prior to that I have spent 20 years working in data - mainly reporting and analysis. When I first started out I was a Management Information Assistant in Manchester, in the UK.

I've been a SQL Database Developer, Data Warehouse Developer and latterly a Business Intelligence Consultant working with individuals wanting learn SQL, and businesses wanting to build, enhance or improve their own data provision with reports, data visualisations and dashboards.

And now I've created The SQL Superhero Program. You can find out more about that here.

And I'm always looking for more people to come and join us.

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On the call we can talk about how you can learn the skills to kick off or boost your career in SQL.

If you like the look of this website and business structure, you may be interested to know that I built and launched The BI School, sales funnels and website with the incredible help of the Sell What You Know program.

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